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Jonic, the business that cares about you.

Jonic aims to provide you with the best service and products in the industry. As a market leader, Jonic has built up an unparalleled knowledge of the leisure industry in order to make your life easy. Providing everything from Fitted Sheets to Bespoke Mattresses is no easy feat, however Nicky and her team manage to deliver every time .

From humble beginnings in the loft of the family home, we are now a market leader as a soft furnishings provider in the Leisure Industry . The dream began when Nicky had spent several weeks scouring the internet to find a simple fitted sheet for the bunk beds in the family caravan, failure to find anything at all lead to a spark in Nicky’s mind. After many months dragging their unwilling children round the local caravan and motorhome dealers with a tape measure in tow Jon and Nicky decided to take the plunge, hence Jonic, a merging of both of their names, was born. Now, 13 years on, those same unwilling children make up the second generation of the ever-growing family business with Chris and Ben stepping into the fold while Emma, the youngest of the three, works hard on her degree at University. But the family expands much more beyond the 5 members of the Cannon family with all the team at Jonic remaining deeply passionate about the products and service that we provide for you.

The reason Jonic has grown so much is quite simply that we care. Nothing is ever too much with every member of the team working as a unit with 3 simple aims, to be friendly, accessible, and knowledgeable all of the time. If you ever want to know any more about our story, or what we have to offer, feel free to pick up the phone and call our great customer service team on 01524 844106 or email us at [email protected] .

  • Bespoke Luxury Products

  • Reliable Customer Service

  • Proud Family Business

  • Unparalleled Knowledge of the Industry

  • Passion that far extends normal limitations

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Our Team.

At Jonic we are incredibly proud of the team we have built, so it only seems appropriate that we should show them off a little!
Nicky Managing Director
The tenacious leader of our team, Nicky is at the heart of Jonic and what we stand for. Stay-at-home Mum converted into passionate entrepreneur, self-taught machinist and true driving force for the business.
Ben Marketing Manager
Head of all things Marketing, Ben keeps the Website, Facebook page and Email Campaigns fresh and interesting. Please feel free to let Ben know about anything that you’ve found that we would like to know about!
KatieSewing Machinist
Bringing her knowledge of sewing to the team, Katie has managed to revolutionise our manufacture process by becoming a cutter, sewer and packer all in one. Making yourself indispensable is a hard thing to do, but Katie has gone a long way to do so.
Jon Director
Co-Founder of Jonic with Nicky, Jon has been an integral part of the team since day one. Few people are as knowledgeable when it comes to all things soft furnishings related in the leisure industry.
CharlotteCustomer Sales
Joining the team when she was only 17, Charlotte has been with us for more than 7 years. Ensuring complete customer satisfaction has been her mantle from day one and the rapport she has built with our customers is part of the reason she has been a member of our team for so long.
AvrilPersonal Assistant
Avril’s title doesn’t go far enough to demonstrate how vital she is in the running of the business, working alongside Nicky they strive for future goals and new directions for the company.
Chris Sales Manager
Eldest son of Nicky and Jon, Chris is the first member of the second generation to join the team. After gaining experience outside the business, Chris is now instrumental in bringing this knowledge to his role.
SimonMattress Manufacture
Two of Simon’s passions in life are motorcycles and a perfectly made mattress, rarely do the two cross over but Simon manages to make it work. Strong as an ox and a demon on a tape-edge machine, mattress perfection is always achieved under Simon’s watch.
A whizz with the numbers and a big personality who manages to make her impact on the team even with her brief visits. Dawn makes everybody’s life hundreds of times easier with her calming presence and helpful attitude of no job ever being too difficult.
Customer Comfort

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