Why Go Plastic Free?

Going plastic free as a business. How would you do it?

How would it make you feel to become part of the solution to help and make our streets, oceans and whole world a cleaner community. Overall, the way to start is easy, begin with making a wise choice of choosing to refuse single-use plastic.  If you can start here, where else can you go with it? 

As a business we aim to be plastic free by 2023. Our vision for this has come from wanting to make a difference, be it only a small difference. However, if we all take small steps they will all add up to a huge difference overall. 

To begin our campaign of becoming a plastic free business we have started to pack and deliver fitted sheets without any additional plastic wrapping. As well as ensuring our healthy recycling habits are echoed throughout the whole Jonic team.  And if this is where we are starting, how much further do you think we could go? The options are limitless. 

Recycling is a major problem within today’s society, and therefore is why as a business we ensure that we keep up and are ethically sound with everything that gets put into recycling. As a society, we only recycle around 15% of all recyclable plastic that is within our homes and workplaces. And even with the large effort a majority of people put into recycling, about 50% of the plastic we do recycle never ends up being recycled due to it not being properly disposed of.

A close to home poor example (but understandable) of recycling nowadays is the somewhat ‘improper’ disposal of Lateral Flow Tests (LFT), due to them being used for coronavirus testing they are unable to be recycled, even if you yourself have tested negative. By doing some research and checking in with the local county council you are asked to “not put tests into your recycling bin”. Just think for a moment the sheer amount of LFT’s that have been carried out within the past few years and the amount of plastic that therefore has been placed into landfill, rather than recycled and reused. Therefore, this reason issues us further as a business to do what we can to help our environment and increase our awareness and reduce the amount of plastic used in our warehouse and workplace. 

Overall, there are so many benefits for going plastic free. A sparse selection of these include:

  1. Reducing carbon dioxide within the atmosphere – Carbon dioxide is one of the main contributors in the plastic manufacturing business. As long as the demand for plastic is high, carbon dioxide will be created alongside in mass. Therefore, less plastic, less carbon dioxide. 
  2. Environment – Think about our oceans and the amount we’ve heard within the news about how much plastic ends up there and the negative impact this has on our wildlife. 
  3. Health- Going plastic free is better for your health. This is because it makes you think more before purchasing food and drink. Switching up your lifestyle to become plastic free has many ranging benefits to your health and well-being. 

And many more. 

How about you try going plastic free for one week and see what the benefits are, not only to you, but to the world around you.