Are you excited about the summer holidays? I sure am! No matter what you have booked or what your plans are, there are always a few certain things which can be taken into consideration before, during, and after your holiday getaway. 

Before you even step foot into that caravan/motorhome for your summer getaway, make sure you have checked out the campsites, ensuring they have everything you need for your stay such as hookup, electricity, gas, facilities and if your pitch is hard standing or not. Additionally, always double check the route up the campsite, have a look at the road conditions and if there is anything that might cause inconvenience when towing or driving a large motorhome (this is from personal experience of navigating the Lake District.) Also, if you’re taking the kids/grandkids make sure to check out if the campsite has a playground or any organised events. You never want to head to a campsite assuming they have the facilities that are essential for your relaxing holiday and then there might not be any electricity/gas etc. Another few things to check upon is the local area where the campsite is located, what is there to do? Are there any good restaurants or attractions you can go and pay a visit to? Also, another essential before you head away is checking that you have the right bedding for your mattress, because who wants their bedding popping off in the middle of the night disturbing you from your amazing night’s sleep? 

A brilliant way to plan what you need to pack for your holiday is to create a packing checklist and your itinerary so you know what you need to take such as bikes, bike pumps etc. Therefore, this also leads to checking your van breaks, fluids, tires and anything else that could cause unnecessary issues and problems on the road. Also remember to try to travel as lightly as possible, room in a van can become very ‘cosy’ if you’ve overpacked and if you end up spending unexpected time in the van due to poor weather you don’t want to feel cramped in (as well as making towing a nightmare!).

During your holiday it’s always so important to cherish the small moments. Take a step back to take in your surroundings and the people you are with. This is a time to create everlasting happy memories. Enjoy yourself and make sure you spend some time relaxing, remain present and in the moment avoiding the distractions that come along with technology and the modern world. Caravans and Motorhomes offer us a fantastic way for us to engage with the outdoors, leaving us in a privileged position to explore new areas and scenery while still enjoying our creature comforts. Make sure to seize the opportunity to go take yourself off for a walk round the countryside as well as taking in that sweet fresh air.

Even though we all love our summer holidays, they do always have to come to an end at some point. Therefore, try and keep that holiday going a bit longer by telling everyone about the most amazing time you’ve had away and maybe even drop in a recommendation here and there? I’m sure someone would appreciate it. 

Why not have a think through these whilst you’re planning your summer vacation, make a little checklist maybe? All in all, these are some little handy tips and tricks to ensure you have the best holiday possible.