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Static King Size Bed Memory Foam Mattress Topper


Order online today a Classic memory foam topper, it will change the way you sleep!

*King size is 5ft wide (1500mm)*

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Jonic’s Classic memory foam is the perfect way to give your mattress a new lease of life, or add an extra layer of comfort to a new bed for great value.

Our top quality visco-elastic memory foam increases your body’s ability to relax completely and help you drift into a peaceful slumber. The memory foam reacts to your weight and shape to provide support while reducing the pressure on sensitive areas, ensuring you get a great night’s sleep. Our Classic memory foam is available in depths of either 1 inch or 2 inches (25mm or 50mm) and surrounded by a zipped luxurious cover which is removable and washable.

Jonic’s Classic memory foam toppers are available for beds of any shapes or sizes.

*King size is 5ft wide (1500mm)*

Additional information

Memory Foam Width


Memory Foam Depth

1 x 1 Inch (25mm) Deep, 1 x 2 Inch (50mm) Deep


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