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Zonesleep® the breathable mattress topper invented to help you sleep! Our Zonesleep® topper keeps you cool ensuring you enjoy a restful nights sleep. The toppers are lightweight and portable meaning they are easy to position when in small spaces and very easy to store.


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Our toppers are ideal for someone who requires an extra layer of comfort without the heat that other toppers can create. The Zonesleep® topper is completely breathable and creates a pleasant micro-climate keeping you cool during the night. The Zonesleep® can give any mattress a new lease of life with the ‘Spacer-Fabric’ acting as a new layer of springs for ultimate comfort and superior support .The materials used within Zonesleep® toppers also means they are lightweight which is essential when away in a Caravan/Motorhome/Boat.

This new revolutionary breathable mattress topper is an excellent replacement for people who require the support of a memory foam topper, but do not have the storage space or do not like the heat element of memory foam.

All mattress toppers are fitted with elastic straps at the corners to secure them to your mattress to ensure they stay in place throughout the night.

Zonesleep® luxury mattress toppers are also washable at 40 degrees.

What Is Zonesleep Made Of?

Zonesleep® mattress toppers are made up of three ‘zones’ of two dimensional knitted textiles and one hi tech layer of breathable Tencel…….(NO FOAM!)

The bottom layer of our mattress topper contains slightly stronger yarn to provide support for posture. Layer two is soft and designed to provide comfort. The top layer of Tencel® (a high tech fabric which forms a unique moisture management system for improved air circulation and reduced humidity) creates a pleasant micro-climatewhile you sleep, keeping our mattress toppers cool & dry.

What is Spacer Fabric?

“Spacer-Fabric” is a novel light weight 3 dimensional fabric. The process for its production is “double needle bar warp knitting”. The basic construction is two layers of mesh held apart by loft or vertical yarns. It is widely recognised to have the following benefits:

• Extremely high air distribution in all directions, even under pressure
• Soft cushioning effect
• Excellent recovery
• Ultra lightweight
• Enormous forming property and contour flow
• Recyclability
• Excellent durability

In tests ‘Spacer-Fabrics’ outperformed memory foam in all assessment criteria and pressure mapping.


“I just wanted to let you know how happy I’ve been with the Zonesleep topper I bought for our caravan recently. The difference it made in the caravan led me to try it on our bed at home (not a fantastic fit, as the caravan one is shaped!!) but I’ve slept so much better on it. Being a ‘lady of a certain age’, I have been finding that the integral memory foam layer on our mattress was causing me to wake several times a night as I was overheating. The Zonesleep provides a much more comfortable surface to sleep on and doesn’t generate/hold the heat that the memory foam does. I’ve been so impressed that I’ve just ordered standard double & single Zonesleep toppers for our beds at home and am looking forward to many more nights of decent sleep!”

“Last night was the first night in years I didn’t wake up several times in a hot sweat – which made me permanently sleep deprived and exhausted” Yvette (BBC Ouch forum)

“I’ve been sleeping on the mattress topper for two nights. I think that I have woken up less and have slept a deeper sleep”
auntieCtheM (BBC Ouch forum)

“I am now sleeping through the night and not waking up with hot sweats caused by my memory foam mattress overheating. The breathable ZoneSleep is brilliant.” (ReviewCentre.com)

Don’t delay buy today in time for your next trip away! 🙂

How To Order Your Zonesleep Topper!

To order your Zonesleep topper today simply select your required shape and ‘add to cart’. If you require shaped or made to measure fitted sheets and mattress protectors to enhance your nights sleep then continue shopping, if you already have these then select ‘proceed to checkout’. If you cannot see the items that you require or have any queries please do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly members of the team on 01524 844106 or via email at [email protected] where we will be more than happy to help! 🙂

During the checkout process we ask for the make, range, model and manufacture year of your Caravan/Motorhome so we can obtain the correct sizes from our vast database of Caravan/Motorhome bed sizes to ensure you receive a perfectly fitting topper (dimensions are required for Yachts/Boats). During the checkout process don’t forget to subscribe to our mailing list to keep up to date with our latest products and special offers. Once all the billing and delivery details are correct you can now proceed to your chosen method of payment.

After the payment stage is complete you will receive email confirmation of your order which will be sent to the email address you have provided. If you have any queries regarding the order please do not hesitate to contact us!


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