Welcome to Newsletter #2!

Here we are back again with another issue of the Jonic Monthly Newsletter! It’s a really nice thing where we are actually having the problem of too much to share with you all, however we are going to focus on providing you with only the best stories from each month so keep up the good work on sharing your stories. We always want to hear what everybody has been up to!

The Beginning of the Poppy and Pig Adventures!

Those of you who have been part of our story for a lot of years now may recognise the ever-present faces of Poppy and Pig (yes, that is actually what we call her). However, these little demons are so used to getting plenty of attention they have even demanded their own section of the newsletter where they can keep everybody up to date on their adventures.

As part of Poppy and Pig’s first update we are offering a

£50.00 Jonic Gift Voucher

to one of the clever clogs who can guess correctly where Poppy and Pig are in this picture! The more specific you can be, the better. To enter, hit the button below and answer all the questions which will put you in with a chance of winning this great prize. ?
We will announce the winner in the next newsletter so keep an eye out to find out if you are the lucky winner!

Enter Competiton

Site of the Month: Coniston Hall Campsite

Coniston Hall Campsite is a site that promotes a very laid-back, family feel through-out the full site. Smiling faces greet you from every direction as you walk through the expansive site where you have the great versatility from finding a nice corner of isolation, to being in the thick of it with a large group of fellow outdoorsy folk. 
My absolute favourite thing about the site has to be the location, in one direction you can see the peak of The Old Man just poking above the tree line tempting you to take on the steep slog to the top. Turn around, and you are located immediately on the shores of the scenic Coniston Water. On this site, you can walk directly to the shore without even leaving the site which creates such a relaxed environment and a stunning little spot to take a seat and watch the boats go past. For those who like a nice tipple, the local pub is only a short walk into the village where a variety of local ales can all be tried while meeting the friendly locals who are all incredibly welcoming of visitors.
This is definitely a site which we would recommend visiting if you want to explore this historic part of the Lake District whether it be for water sports on the Lake, trecking up the famed Coniston Old Man, or just a relaxing getaway in a stunning location.

The Jonic Blog

Alongside this monthly newsletter, we are going to be introducing articles, competitions and old versions of the Newsletter on our brand new Jonic Blog page.

Here you will be able to keep fully up to date with all things in our Jonic News Circles, as well as finding out interesting facts and information. Keep an eye on the blog page weekly to break up the time between Monthly Newsletters for little nuggets of information and goings on in our world.