Caravan Upholstery Service for all Caravans, Static Caravans and Motorhomes.

Having your caravan upholstery updated has never been easier.  We ensure that everything is kept very simple from choosing your fabrics, foam and finishes to completing the job.

  • Is your caravan looking a little dated?
  • Do you have a mark/stain that you are unable to remove?
  • Have you bought a second-hand caravan and don’t like the upholstery?
  • Is your cushioned seating uncomfortable leaving you needing more support?
  • Or as often happens, have you had some little mice friends in over the winter months?

All these issues are easily sorted with either a seating recover, re-foam or full replacement caravan upholstery.


Whatever your problem, we have the solution.

Full Caravan Upholstery Service

Sometimes you look at your Van and just decide everything needs doing; this is where the full caravan upholstery service comes in.  New foam, fabric, curtains, mattress and maybe even pelmets; the full caravan upholstery service leaves you feeling smug with what feels like a brand-new Van!

Recover Seating Caravan Upholstery Service

If your caravan seating cushion inner foam is still providing adequate support, you may not need to replace this.  Simply choose a fabric from our broad selection and we will have your caravan looking and feeling as good as new.

Caravan Upholstery Re-foam Service

Caravan seating cushions can quickly become uncomfortable and lack support.  With a simple re-foam, replacing the foam inside the caravan cushions, you will notice a significant difference in comfort and make the cushions feel like the day they rolled out of the factory.  Simply send us your cushions (or we can arrange to have them collected) and we will replace the inner foam then send them back to you ensuring you never suffer from an uncomfortable stay in the van again.

Creating a new look within your caravan is so simple and will dramatically change your time away allowing you to enjoy superb comfort and a fresh new look!

At Jonic, we tailor our Caravan Upholstery service to suit your needs.  With our extensive range of fabrics and materials we can do anything from a single seating cushion to a complete redesign.

Redesign?  Restore? Refresh?

Let us help!


Ever considered making your front, make-up bed into a fixed bed?  As part of our caravan upholstery service we are able to completely change the layout of your van by converting the front cushions into a complete mattress to avoid all those annoying lumps and bumps.


Still love your van but looking for a way to put a “spring” back into your seating cushions?  From a simple changing of filling to a completely new fabric, we can give your Van a new lease of life and make you the talk of the site.


Just like a Home, sometimes you can get bored with the colour scheme in your Van.  To help you handle this, we have a vast range of fabrics spanning many different styles meaning that whatever your taste, we are sure we will have something to spice up your life!

Feel Free to Contact us for a free quotation on any of our caravan upholstery services listed above and we will be more than happy to help!

Telephone: 01524 844106

Email: [email protected]

Feel Free to Contact us for a free quotation on any of our upholstery services listed above and we will be more than happy to help!

Telephone: 01524 844106
Email:[email protected]

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