Caravan Bedding or Normal Household Bedding – What is the difference?

Caravan Bedding has been available in the UK market for over 10 years and was first offered by Jonic the Caravan Bedding Company.  Although other companies have entered the marketplace, Jonic is still the Market Leader.

The Caravan Bedding marketplace has grown somewhat over the last few years with customer requirements changing all the time.  Very few fixed bed caravan owners are now choosing to use normal household bedding as the benefits of caravan bedding are outweighing normal household bedding.

So, what is Caravan Bedding?

Caravan Bedding is a full range of products that are manufactured to fit all the odd shaped and sized beds within the Caravan and Motorhome Marketplace.  Everything you can purchase for your home bed is now available for caravan beds including mattresses.

There are thousands of different sized beds and many different shape variations.  Special attention is needed to ensure the correct sized and shaped bed linen is provided for the specific mattress.

There are ‘off the shelf’ caravan bedding products alongside ‘made to measure’ caravan bedding products.  Which of these is better is purely down to personal choice as they differ in quality and price.

What is the benefit of Caravan Bedding over Normal Bedding?

There are many benefits to Caravan Bedding over normal bedding.

  • More comfortable nights sleep as the base sheets and mattress protectors do not ruffle up and make the sleeping surface uncomfortable.
  • Deeper sleep as bespoke duvets and duvet covers stay in place during the night and do not have any extra weight dragging them onto the floor.
  • Confidence that the toppers will not move during the night.
  • Super support from pocket sprung shaped mattresses.

Another major bonus is all products are aesthetically pleasing and as the bed is on display during the day, is a significant advantage.

Why is Caravan Bedding more expensive?

As mentioned earlier there are thousands of different sized beds and several different shape variations so each item of Caravan Bedding must be manufactured separately.  This is obviously a very labour intensive process.

Also, most of the experts in the caravan bedding industry know the size, shape and depth of each specific mattress so you can have confidence in ordering your Caravan Bedding from companies that do not require the sizes to be provided as they are already aware of possible pitfalls.  The only information you need to provide to these expert companies is the Mark, Range and Model of your caravan.

There are cheaper versions of Caravan Bedding available and these are usually ‘one size fits all’ bedding items and normally have exposed elastic (so the elastic can still be seen on the finished item). This is a great option if you require shaped linen but are on a tighter budget.

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